A Prompt For Tuesday: Coloring outside the lines of rigid plans

Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

Thinking about the literalness of this writing prompt makes me think of my mom and her coloring. She colored beautifully. Her pictures were perfect. Now you might say, “Of course they were, she’d been coloring for years.” But you don’t know my mom, her coloring was perfect.

She outlined the picture in a nice heavy thick tracing in whatever color that part of the picture needed to be. And she didn’t waver. There was no oops in the tracing. Then, with coloring inside the lines, I don’t know how…

A little bit of both.

Photo by Pinal Jain on Unsplash

Yes! I am both? I think I shine like the moon. And I am a solar battery. I soak up the sun. I love the sun. Spring is my favorite season!

Once upon a time someone took a picture of me and another woman. She reflected the light whereas I absorbed it. In the picture, it’s hard to explain, but you really could see a difference between us.

Solar Battery

Another time, I was in Australia with my husband and we were at a park having a picnic with a lot of his family. I’m a bit of an introvert and was…

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