Day 2 of 31 days of bullet journal spreads for you.

Here is a minimalist styled calendar spread which can be as simple or as artistic as you’d like. I don’t think a beautiful painted background takes away from the minimalistic feel of this spread.

Artistic License

However, if you are of a more artistic bent, or are adventurous, then go ahead and paint the background. You can do any sort of background you like. Perhaps you’d like to have a theme. It could be all about something that reminds you of summer, such as the beach.

If that were the case, feel free to paint your calendar spread’s background of an ocean…

Day 1 of 31 days of bullet journal spreads for you.

Photo by author

I love to write. And I love bullet journaling. And I’m writing a book on bullet journaling for writers. I thought that while I’m working on getting the book written and edited, it would be good to share some great bujo spreads.

This means, for the next month, every day will have a new spread. Some will be ones I’ve used. Other will be ones I might want to use. And finally, there might be some I’d never use. And I’ll share the reasons why.

Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?

I’m going to try…

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